It can be difficult to keep a home clean under any circumstances, but when cancer hits a household, the burden can be overwhelming.

That’s where Cleaning for a Reason, an international nonprofit located in Lewisville, TX, steps in. They partner with more than 1,200 professional cleaning services across the United States and Canada to provide free home cleaning to cancer patients so they can focus on healing.

Any individual, regardless of age or sex, in active cancer treatments in the U.S. or Canada can apply for services. When matched with a cleaning company, a patient receives a total of two free home cleanings. That’s one general cleaning a month for up to two months. After the two free cleanings, the patient may engage Maid with Care for ongoing/reoccurring services.

For individuals undergoing cancer treatments, a clean home is especially important due to their lowered immune system. As the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, individuals receiving cancer treatments need to take extra precautions to ensure their health. Individuals undergoing cancer treatments often feel tired and weak, and even small tasks seem insurmountable. Attempting their former cleaning routines can become too much, and at times, become so defeating that they lose hope.

Cleaning for a Reason is a great resource to utilize in time of need.

In the Pittsburgh area, Maid with Care is volunteering their services to assist local cancer patients. Cleaning services affiliated with Cleaning for a Reason are not compensated.

Instead, they enjoy the personal satisfaction that comes from working with an organization that assists thousands of cancer patients, while making a difference locally.

As a locally-owned family business, Maid with Care understands the impact a fresh, clean home can have on an individual’s physical and emotional well-being, and are thrilled to partner with such a supportive organization.

Since Cleaning for a Reason started in 2006, the organization has helped more than 40,000 cancer patients with more than $13 million in donated cleanings.