Hosting Thanksgiving this year? While the meal may be front and center, the preparation that comes before hand is just as important. Whether you’re hosting your immediate family or entertaining a small group, you’ll want your home to be clean and welcoming.
Maid With Care has some good hosting and cleaning tips to help you get ready for the big day. Instead of tackling everything day-of, break up your tasks into manageable chunks so you’ll have plenty of time to tackle the turkey.
Three Days before Thanksgiving: Declutter you space
Take a quick walk through the common areas in your home and see if there are any problem areas. Remember, there will be parts of your home that guests won’t see or your family won’t care about. Don’t waste your precious time and energy cleaning closets or your office. Focus your attention on areas where your family or guests will congregate like mudrooms and entryways, living and dining rooms, bathrooms, the kitchen and guest bedrooms if you’ll be having overnight guests. If need be, use your unseen places to conceal clutter or miscellaneous odds and ends.
Once you’ve organized these spaces, mop, dust and vacuum. Don’t forget to hit all the small nooks and crannies and dusty corners. If you’re having guests, this is a good time to freshen up your linens and towels.
Two Days before Thanksgiving: Clean the bathroom(s)
Take this time to really focus on your bathroom (s) and give them a good scrub down. As a high-traffic area, bathrooms can get messy fast. Focus on the toilet bowl; taking time to make sure any hard water rings or stains are gone. Arrange and organize any loose bathroom items around the sink and neatly arrange toiletries in the shower. Don’t forget to do a deep clean of the shower or bathtub, and squeegee the shower walls, mirrors and doors (if you have a glass shower door) when you’re done. Last but not least, refill your soap dispensers! You don’t want your guests searching for items like toilet paper or hand soap.
Good tip: If you have a medicine cabinet, tuck away anything you would want to keep from prying eyes who may be tempted to snoop!
The Day before Thanksgiving: Prepare your kitchen
You’ll want a squeaky clean kitchen ahead of turkey day. Start by cleaning out your fridge.
You’ll need the space to store all the food you’re preparing and to accommodate leftovers. Get rid of any questionable items or old takeout. Same goes for your freezer. Purge frostbitten, forgotten items and clean and refill your ice cube trays. From there, you’ll want to give your kitchen appliance a good wipe down. Don’t forget about nooks and grooves around your sink and the grates of your stovetop.
Good tip: Vegetables need cleaning too. Take some time to food prep the day before by cleaning your veggies.

The Big Day: Finishing touches
Take a few moments to wipe down high traffic areas in your home one more time before guests arrive, put out some fresh towels in the bathroom and incorporate any small measures that will allow guests to serve themselves, like leaving glassware out on the counter. Once you’re table is set, you’re ready to focus on the food!
After Dinner Clean-up
Thanksgiving clean-up is easier than the prep, and hopefully, you’ll have a guest or two to help.
Here’s a few tasks to consider once the leftovers are packed away:
– Collect any glassware, serving dishes and silverware and get them washed or put away. If
you’re utilizing your dishwasher, group like items together so they are easier to put away.
– Wipe down your kitchen counters and appliances again to clean up any messes or spills.
– Don’t forget to give your stovetop a good cleaning.
– Sweep and mop the dining room, the living room and the kitchen.
– Give the bathrooms another scrub.
Too much work?
Holiday preparation can be overwhelming. If you don’t have the time, or want to make your Thanksgiving less stressful, call Maid With Care. Trusted since 1986, their team will work with you to create a unique cleaning schedule that fits your busy schedule. Maid With Care is family owned and operated and is located in Upper St. Clair.

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